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Angel Boobs

Who would turn down an invitation to a girl’s bathroom, especially if the girl is Barbara Angel and you can hang out and watch her?

“I like to play with myself and masturbate, especially when I am alone at home,” says Barbara. She doesn’t like your standard foreplay but she does like her nipples sucked and tits fucked and loves a good tongue in her pussy before the cock dives in.

“Sometimes people say things to me like ‘Wow! You have very big boobs, you probably cannot sleep on your stomach, and they must constantly hurt your back, right?’ Sometimes, some of their comments make me quite uncomfortable but that is how people can be. This is their problem, not mine.”

Barbara is a fan of the “no-clothes zone.” “If I could, I would actually spend the whole day naked. I sleep naked. I dress only when I go out. In winter, at home, I wear bottoms and a fine linen robe.”

It was destiny that Barbara would become a hot model. She made the first move and met one of our photographers, game to go.

Date: November 29, 2021