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Oksana: My Red Body Stocking

“I love to wear sportswear, leggings and short tops, but on a date, I always wear a low-cut dress. My favorite color is red. Today, I wanted to wear red so I put on my red body stocking.”

Like Molly Evans, Oksana was a waitress. She’d rather be on-camera like this than serve people breakfast and stand all day or all night. “If I can do this professionally, I will be very happy to not be a waitress.”

Oksana didn’t know about SCORELAND until the photographer who spotted her showed her the website.

“When people pay attention to me because of my breasts and make compliments, it’s nice. But I do not like to hear crude remarks about my body. I am polite and I expect people to be the same.”

Date: May 29, 2022