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Testing The Waters

Rikki Waters begins her XL Girls video with an interview with the guy who’s going to fuck her. Carlos has her walk around the room so he can check her out in her sexy lingerie. He voices his approval, which pleases Rikki. He tells her to spank her ass and bend over on the couch for a detailed inspection. “Show me how you like to get spanked,” he instructs. Rikki shows how she likes a hard ass-cheek slap followed by a rub. “How hard do you like your ass to be spanked?” questions Carlos. “Real hard,” Rikki laughs.

Carlos comes over and tries his palm on her butt while Rikki kneels on the couch in a doggie pose. He’s not going to win any awards for his spanking technique but Rikki likes it. He’s more interested in getting a hands-free blow job while her big tits are propped up on his thigh. Kneeling on the floor, she jacks his shaft with one fist while licking and sucking his hanging nuts. Rikki almost gets all of his cock down her throat. All the mouth worshiping leads to her first penetration. He positions her in doggie again (he’s enchanted by her chunky booty) and slides his dick into her pussy.

Gripping her shoulders from behind, he pumps her poon. The room is filled with the sounds of thighs slapping against her doughy rump, her cries and his heavy breathing. She’s light on the dirty talk but does repeatedly ask Carlos to slap her ass. Rikki may be a fem-dom on her own turf but here she learns who the big dog is. She gets extra points when, at her request, Carlos lets loose on her ass-cheeks for a cum butt-coating. She wipes the cum with her palm and then instinctively licks it off her fingers.

Date: November 29, 2021