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Triple Play

Jimmy and Peter are checking out a porn video when Charlotte Angel comes into the room quietly and watches them watching porn. When the boys notice Charlotte watching them, Peter quickly changes the channel but there was no need to do that. Charlotte doesn’t care and besides, she likes porn herself so she hits them with the zinger, “Everyone watches porn.”

The guys are embarrassed over being caught but they didn’t have to be with Charlotte. She’s a 21st century woman and there’s no shame in her porn-watching game. The sloe-eyed, brunette bra-smasher is not embarrassed at all and decides to join them on the couch to watch the porn flick. They didn’t invite her to sit with them. She invited herself.

“I can do it better than she can,” Charlotte boasts, watching the screen. Another zinger. She proves it by sucking and fucking them both at the same time. Peter and Jimmy find themselves in a real-life porn scene just like the one they were watching. They have a whole lotta woman on their hands. She ain’t a dream, she’s the real deal.

Date: November 29, 2021